Enrolment Policy

The Catholic Church offers the opportunity for the education of the whole child through the Catholic Primary School, the mission of the school is to be seen in the context of the Catholic Vision of the fully developed person.

The Church through its school can provide an education in which religion is not just an added dimension but in which faith affects every facet of life.

The Catholic school is committed to providing a schooling that enables the integrated development of the human person.

Achieving the educational aims of the school should be an equal priority for teachers, students and families alike, each according to his or her role, always in the gospel spirit of freedom and love.

The schools and families work together to foster a challenging, positive, catholic inclusive environment for children's learning.

St. Luke's and St. John's Schools are Parish Primary schools in the Parish of St. Luke's Lalor. Therefore enrolment in the schools is first and foremost for the children of Roman Catholic families who reside within, attend and support the Parish of St. Luke’s.

In accordance with Department of Education Policy all children must reach the age of FIVE years by 30thApril in the year in which they start school.

An application must be accompanied by the child's original birth certificate, baptismal certificate and a current immunization certificate.

Places may be available for children of other Catholic and Christian families but only after eligible Roman Catholic children have been placed.

The enrolment process is facilitated by the enrolment panel which may consist of Parish Priest, Principal and two other nominated members of Staff.


The order of priority for enrolment into the Parish Schools is as follows:

  • Baptised Roman Catholic children who are resident within St.Luke’s Parish.
  • Siblings of children of other religious persuasions who are already enrolled at St. Luke's or St. John's schools.
  • Baptised members of other rites of the Catholic Church who are resident within St. Luke's Parish. (eg: Maronite, Melkite. Chaldean, Coptic)
  • Baptised Roman Catholic Children who are resident in parishes other than St. Luke's and whose parents desire that they attend one of the parish schools.
  • Baptised members of' other rites of' the Catholic Church who are resident in parishes other than St.Luke's Parish and whose parents desire that they attend one of' the parish schools.

If places are still available after all applicants from the above categories are enrolled, applicants from the following churches may be considered:

  • Eastern rite Christian Churches.
  • Other Christian churches.
  • Other religions following, discussion with the Enrolment Panel.
  • No religion following discussion with tile Enrolment Panel.

Special Circumstances

In exceptional circumstances some consideration may be given to the selection of students at the discretion of the Enrolment Panel.

Class Sizes

Class sizes in Catholic Schools are limited in accordance with the Victorian Catholic Education Multi Employer Agreement, to 29 children in each class. However, after consultation with the class teacher. School Leadership team and Consultative Committee, special consideration may be made for only Roman Catholics to be offered a place. Some exceptions may be made to the selection of students for placement at ally given time.

We are conscious that parents applying for enrolment at one of the schools are aware, of the nature and ethos of the schools, Upon acceptance of a position at one of the schools, it is understood, by all, that the parents will support and respect the ethos, identity and all procedures and policies of the schools.

Students accepted for enrolment have the right to complete their education at the school in which they are enrolled. Acceptance by another Catholic school does not automatically follow from enrolment at the particular school.

The ability of parents to pay school fees is not used as a criterion for enrolment of a Catholic student in one of the schools.

This policy will be amended at the discretion of the Enrolment Panel.




Parent are welcome to visit the schools, tours are conducted, followed by information sessions.

Parents receive:

  • Information brochure and booklet
  • Enrolment form
  • Immunisation leaflet
  • Fee and Levy leaflet


These are due by the middle of Term 2. The enrolment form must be accompanied by:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptism Certificate – where appropriate
  • Immunisation Certificate (This can be presented later in the year, but must be present before a student can come to school)


Take place during June – parents will be notified by letter.
Where possible both parents should attend and bring along the child so that he/she can undertake some specific tasks.
These interviews are a necessity for all families to attend.


Letters offering places will be sent to parents by the end of July. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified at this time.


The acceptance reply slip together with $50.00 non-refundable deposit must be returned by nominated date.


The new Preps will attend 2 orientation sessions and information sessions during November. The dates and times will be sent home prior to the days.