Inquiry Learning

One of the curriculum goals at St. Luke’s is; ‘to improve student learning through the use of community engagement and contemporary learning tools and strategies.’

Inquiry Learning has developed at St. Luke’s to make our students’ learning authentic, engaging and relevant to them and the community in which they live. Through action-learning and the use of contemporary tools and strategies, students at St. Luke’s implement team projects which aim to connect with the school and wider community. The changes which these action–learning projects bring about have a direct influence on the school and the community. Examples of these projects include; St. Luke's 'Earth Hour', Rice Lunch Day Fundraiser for Oxfam, Expos to share learning with the school community and the development of a recycling system.

As a result, teacher practice at St. Luke’s is focussed on providing students with opportunities to develop skills not only in traditional curriculum areas but organisational and collaborative teamwork skills. Our aim is to equip our students with transferrable skills that they will draw upon in the future within a range of contexts.

At St. Luke’s we are continually increasing our Information and Communication Technology resources by purchasing Chromebooks, iPads and laptop banks to further engage and support the students in Inquiry Learning. The Mary MacKillop Learning Centre provides a flexible space where research, collaboration, independent work and modelling of strategies takes place to assist and develop their Inquiry Learning skills.