St.Luke's Arts curriculum provides the opportunity for children to develop their creative talents, imagination and self-expression.

Through the Arts, children will explore, participate in, and develop, skills using the various art forms. The teaching of the Arts exposes the students to a variety of art disciplines and provides the opportunity to develop appreciation and offer a response to art works.






The children in Years Prep to 4 paricitpate in sessions conducted by The Little Devils' Circus biannually. This program consists of 8 - 10 lessons culminating in an evening performance where the children demonstrate their new skills. This program develops the children's confidence for perfomance.


In 2014 a Performing Arts program was introduced which involved the whole school in a production that was developed over the year. It was entitled "The Wonderful World of Musicals" and it introduced the children to many theatrical concepts such as, acting, dancing and stage craft.