Past Students

At St.Luke's School we value all our students; past and present. We encourage all our past students to keep in contact with us and we would love to know about and celebrate any significant achievements in your life after you have left us at St.Luke's.

Please e-mail the principal, Mrs Franca Fedele, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , to let us know about the details of your significant achievement so we too, can recognize and celebrate the success in your life journey. You may wish to attach pictures that may be published on our school website or school newsletter.

All our past students are welcome to come in and say hello, and maintain an open and welcoming school community.


St. Luke's School Staff and Community

Adrian Spinelli


Congratulations to Adrian Spinelli, a former student of St Luke’s and brother of Stephanie and Danyon Spinelli , also past students, who was recently elected as a councillor for the south west ward of Whittlesea. Adrian has shown an interest and involvement in local government for several years since he was a teenager and first became a candidate for local elections at the age of 19. Adrian sees himself as a voice for young people and believes it is important for young people to have an input on the decisions being made in Whittlesea.
Well done Adrian! The community of St Luke’s congratulate you on your achievement and wish you all the best in your role as councillor.

St.Monica's 2011 Principal's Ribbon For Cookery

Congratulations to our past student, Ariana Magliozzi of Year 12 for her success in this event.


Debating Association of Victoria 2011

Congratulation to our past students for being part of the 2011 Debating Association of Victoria (D.A.V) debating season. They will be representing St.Monica's College and competing against other schools from May 30 to July 25. We wish them good luck.

- Dean Foster

- Stephanie Merheb

- Sasani Perera

-Ankita Panjratan