Parents & Friends

The St. Luke’s School Parents & Friends Association plays a very active role within the Parish School - both on a social and fund raising level.

Fundraising within the school over the past twelve months has been most successful. We have had an Easter Raffle, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, Cookie Drive, Treat days (such as pizza and hotdogs) etc.

Funds raised from these activities have been used,to pay for the construction of a “Shelter” over the playground, to purchase outdoor games for the children and other items for classroom use. Funds have also been spent towards the installation of the air conditioning system for the upper levels of the school and an ongoing contribution is made towards the school computer network. We continue to buy equipment and books for the Reading Recovery Scheme and the Library. Some funds are also used to subsidise the Year 6 Graduation Dinner.

The Association also help with the school banking through the Commonwealth Bank.

Each year the Association provides scholarships, known as the Terry Boyd Awards (in honour of a former principal, now deceased) which are awarded to Year 6 children.

We are sure that anyone who has been involved with any of these groups will readily agree that for the amount of work put in, a great deal of fun is achieved.

St.Luke’s School Parents & Friends Association meets regularly. We are always interested in new ideas for social and fundraising activities, and ALL PARENTS are invited to come along, share your ideas and meet many new friends.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

At St Luke’s school we believe in the importance of partnership with parents and that all parents are welcomed in the process of decision making.

“We build honest relationships which enrich our community.” Vision Statement 2016

The Council has as its central purpose partnership with the staff to develop effective processes, structures and programs to enhance student outcomes and well-being.


To act as a forum for discussion on all matters concerning education in the school.

To act as an advisory body to the Parish Priest and Principal on matters concerning education in the school.

To provide a link between the school and parents while fostering strong interrelationships.


Parish Priest
Deputy Principal and One other member of the school’s Leadership team,
One classroom teacher,
4-6 parents, including a member of the Parents Association and the parent representative on the Parish Education Board.
The Council meets monthly (no less than two times per term)