We believe that dealing with the wellbeing of students is the responsibility of all, not merely of one individual teacher. The Student Wellbeing Support Group (S.W.S.G) is the forum for a co-ordinated approach to dealing with students' needs and concerns. The aims of the support group are:

  • to support and empower members of the school staff in dealing with specific students and their needs.
  • to assist students who are experiencing difficulty at school in the areas of behaviour and social and emotional development.
  • to review and monitor student wellbeing structures.
  • to establish supportive relationships between families, teachers and students, while providing a positive and safe school climate and a consistent approach to student management.
  • to support teachers by generating information, strategies and ideas and making efficient use of specialists from within and outside the school.

Behaviour Management

At St. Luke's, we believe that teachers and students have the right to a safe, orderly and positive school environment. Accordingly, the staff at St. Luke's implement a consistent, co-ordinated approach to discipline from Year Prep to Six based on "The Positive Behaviour" approach. Expectations are negotiated based on the rights and responsibilities of all. Students who exhibit positive behaviour are given positive recognition/rewards, while those who choose not to follow the expectations, receive consequences that are clearly defined and followed through in a firm and consistent manner.

Social and Emotional Learning

At St. Luke's we emphasize the connection between social and emotional learning and academic learning. Therefore, an integral part of the curriculum is the development of social
and emotional learning. Its purpose is to develop:

  • positive relationships and problem solving skills.
  • resolve conflict in a positive manner.
  • develop skills e.g. risk taking, confidence, mangement of emotions and organisational skills.

Interlinked with our Social and Emotional Learning and Positive Behaviour Support Program is our Bullying Policy. This policy aims to provide students with a safe and secure environment and a sense of connectedness.There are clear procedures in place to address any bullying incidents using the "no-blame" approach. Students are encouraged not to tolerate any bullying behaviour as it is detrimental to the wellbeing of students. As part of the Social Skills Program, students are taught strategies and skills to respond to issues that arise from incidents of bullying.

Buddy Program

The Prep/Year 6 buddy program is one of the practical ways that we implement our Student Wellbeing Program at St. Luke's. At the end of each school year our prospective Year 6 students are assigned a Prep Buddy. Their first task is to write to their buddy over the Christmas holidays to welcome them to our school. The Year 6 students play a vital role in the first few weeks of school helping their Prep buddy to settle in and learn the routines and procedures of school life. Structured activities are conducted weekly to facilitate interaction between buddies and Year 6 students to enable the older students to take on a "mentor/tutor" role. The enjoyment and benefits are obvious to both groups; the Preps gain a "big brother or sister" to help them negotiate their first year at school, while the Year 6 students learn valuable lessons in responsibility and role-modelling.