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Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be a Learner

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A message from the Principal

I welcome you to our school as we begin our partnership together promoting the well-being of all members of our learning community-children, staff, and parents. Together we ensure that we are part of Jesus’ mission and that the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church are always demonstrated in our words and actions. We profess the Catholic faith and demonstrate the values of the Scalabrini traditions and the teaching of the Lukan gospel in all our encounters and relationships.


We, at St. Luke’s are committed to creating an educational environment where the cultural and learning experiences of our students are always honored and respected. We believe that all students benefit from educational practices that engage them in their learning. These educational practices provide all students with hope, direction and preparation for their future lives.


We believe in establishing the safe, supportive and productive environments conducive to well-being and excellence in learning. School community partnerships are an operational norm in our school as we note the benefits to all when there is an authentic partnership between school and home. This partnership improves student outcome, parent/student connectedness and promotes mutual respect among the entire school community.

I invite you to become active in the education of your child, participate in our school and Parish life and together to be witnesses to the Good News of the Gospel as we work to make St. Luke’s School, the place where Jesus is visible in our daily lives.

Bernadette Venables


From Our Staff

Journeying together in partnership

We extend a warm welcome to you and your child to St Luke’s Primary School. We are delighted to be a part of your child’s education and we trust that our association will be mutually supportive and fruitful as we journey together in partnership. We realise that the change in environment for your child can be a huge experience. We will make every effort to ensure that the transition will be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Your child will need all our care and attention and we look forward to working closely with you during this time.

Through the St.Luke's School portals, newsletters and curriculum evenings we will keep you informed of current initiatives happening in the school. We have also included some material that you may find helpful if your child is the first in your family to begin school. We invite you to assist the parent bodies and the school staff to provide the best facilities for your child’s education. We hope that our school will be recognised for its commitment to Catholic Education - not only through our Religious Education Program but also through our commitment to families and each other.

We focus on the total development of the child. In doing this we hope to provide a context for each child’s natural creativity to emerge. We value openness and encourage quality relationships between children, teachers and parents as we attempt to establish and maintain structures that encourage, invite and facilitate involvement.

Our aim is to provide the children with the skills to become life-long learners. Hence our curriculum is designed in such a way that students develop an openness to truth, a tolerance of different views and an ability to judge critically and become independent thinkers who accept the responsibility for their own behaviour and learning.

We hope that St Luke’s will be characterised by a sense of compassion, inclusiveness, openness and generosity. We hope our students will go into the world believing that with God’s help they can make a difference and that they leave us with the confidence in their abilities while demonstrating resilience for challenging times.


Please feel at home in our school. We look forward to our new beginnings. 

The Staff of St Luke's School

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St Luke's Primary School

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